We are a Netware 6.0/6.5 eDirectory environment. We have two internal
Netware DNS servers resolving internal names. Our clients are
configured, via DHCP, to use these servers first, and then our ISP’s DNS
servers after.

We are implementing IPLogic’s IMManager appliance for instant messaging
management. It requires that our clients use the appliance to resolve
the instant messaging application’s names (aol, yahoo, MSM, ICQ) that
would otherwise be resolved by our ISP’s DNS servers.

In order to do this we are thinking we will create a zone (named
IMManager, for instance) on our internal DNS servers that will contain
the IM app’s names (i.e. messenger.hotmail.com) associated with the
IMManager appliance’s IP address. This will direct all IM traffic from
our user’s workstations to the appliance. The appliance will then
forward the traffic to the Internet.

On the user’s workstations we believe we will have to change “Append
primary and connection specific DNS suffixes” to “Append these DNS
suffixes (in order),” and input the zone we created. This way the IM
clients seeking to resolve their names will append the zone name and get
resolution from our internal DNS servers (i.e.

Does this seem like the best solution, or is there some other way of
going about this? Will moving away from “Append primary and connection
specific DNS suffixes” have any adverse effects? I don’t believe it does
anything for us.

Any advice would be appreciated.