Since, I'm not well versed with novell and dns/dhcp, I'd greatly
appreciate yr assistance.
I have two servers (S1 and S2) with novell 6 service pack 5.

On server S1 there is installed DNS/Dhcp 1.2.0 and is this server that
the ip address.
WHen "consoleone" runs I can see NDS and the "partion and replica view"
in the following way:

S1 master on
S2 read and write on

If I disconnect the server S2 from network for creating "temporarily" a
netware with only
server S2 and some other clients, obviously there appears a message on
console of the server S1 and S2
(unable to comunicate ...) I think that is dangerous, isn't it?.

If I try to connect to server S2 I can't see the tree, nome server and
therefore I can't do the login
into netware.

WHat must I install / create on the server S2?

I think that my DNS is into server S1 and therefore how can I
create "temporarily" into Server S2?
Is it possible?
I don't want damage the configuration.

Moreover ,
I need to add a new NIC on the server S2 and I' d like to have a DHCP
that manages a range of ip address
for the first NIC and others for the new NIC.
what can I do?
I hope that I 've explained my problem clearly enough.

thanks in advance