Same edir on 6.5 and 5.1 boxes, DHCP server on one of several 6.5
boxes, 5.1 box is DNS and BM server.

At login time, I get an error message 'cannot find <server_name>' refering
to the 5.1 server. If I make a HOSTS file entry for it, the problem does
not occur. Error occurs when attempting to map a drive to 5.1 server.
Otherwise, w/s can PING 5.1 server, can see the Internet which means it's
seeing out through the 5.1 server, but drive does not get mapped.

My Computer, Explore, Novell Connections - does not show 5.1 server

My Computer, Explore, Entire Network, Netware Services, Netware Servers -
does show the 5.1 server