I have a server (novell 6 sp 5) with 2 NIC ("N1" and "N2").
The N1 has the ip-address
The N2 has the ip-address

I created a subnet for the N1 and afterwards
added the N2 that I created for another subnet

In the DHcp server the situation is
a) for N1
b) for N2

I have inserted into DNS internal the name "ser1" that corresponds to (by inserting "record a").
The name of my server is "ser1".

If from the workstation that is connected to the subnet, I run
the command "ping ser1" I have as a result the ip-address

I'd like that the workstation that is connected to the subnet,
once I run the command "ping ser1" answers as the ip-address
Is it possible?
If so, how do I do it?

It is possible to have two phisical segment of network connect to one
server that corrispond to the same name,
that is I must use the name of the server "ser1" and once time the
server answer the ip and another time answer ,
depend on who makes the request.
Is it correct?

Is it possible to have two internal DNS on the same server?
IF so, how do I do it?

I have read something about "add secondary ipaddress" but I don't
understand correctly.
When is necessary to execute "add secondaty ipaddress"?
Could be useful for my problem?

I hope that I 've explained my question clearly enough my English is
very poor, I'm italian.

thanks in advance.
Regards monica