Hi I work at a Three site company our main location has a Windows 2003 AD
server with DNS on it. The Windows AD server with DNS hand off all
changes to our Novell 6.5 sp4 DNS server all our Novell servers are at
6.5 sp4 level this server has had no issues yet with this arangement. The
Novell sever that gets it's info from windows hands off changes to our
two WAN sites. Our WAN sites keep unloading with this ERROR. Please help
have you seen this before and how do we fix it Thanks.

Start the ERROR.

Info:Starting the Dynamic reconfiguration
Warning: zone domainname.com/IN:expired
Critical: zone.(2421:REQUIRE (!((zone)->locked)) failed
Critical: exiting (due to assertion failure)
Info:zone domainname.com/IN:load Seral 16912
Info:zone domainname.com/IN:sending noifies (seral 16912)
Info:Dynamic reconfiguration completed
Info:shuting down
Info:no longer listening on
DNS Server is unloading successfully
notice: exiting
DNS server Exiting