we use to have a BorderManager server. We have 6 Windows 2003 servers set up
in a domain, 3 Netware 5.1 servers and 1 Netware 4.11 server. The BM server
has not been in production for years and we use a Windows 2000 server with
DNS/DHCP running Winproxy with no problems . However, we recently changed
Internet Provider using a new ADSL router and external IP addresses. Now,
logging into our Novell servers with a Novell client is taking up to 10
minutes to process the drive mappings resolution screen before getting to
the desktop. People logging strictly into the Windows 2003 domain are
logging in with no problems.

We don't use Netware for DNS/DHCP but where do I look to see if any old
settings could be causing problems.