Yesterday, I had a problem which I mentioned in another thread - my DHCP
server wasn't running because the DHCPSRVR line was removed from

What I don't understand is why some workstations were about to restart
and still got their DHCP addresses, while others wouldn't. Is there a
workstation setting that controls this? We have a rather long DHCP
lease time, 31 days, and everyone normally gets the same address to the
point where they function almost as static IP's - but they aren't

It took me a while to figure out the DHCP server was down because, out
of 15 workstations, all but two were able to restart and connect just
fine. On these two, I originally had both IP and IPX loaded and they
were still making an IPX connection, so I redid the client installation
to IP only and then they couldn't connect at all, which was what I
wanted to trouble-shoot the problem.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas as to why, I'd appreciate it. The only
thing I can possibly think of is that there may have been an extra
switch hop for the ones that had the problem but I can't confrim that
until I'm onsite again. Most of the workstations are connected to the
same switch as the servers, which is a 10/100/gb switch, and the
workstations run at 100m/s while the servers connected at 1gb. We also
have an older switch that's only 10/100 and is connected by a simple
Ethernet cable to the gb switch.

Thanks in advance for any ideas - to the best of my knowledge, there is
nothing different about the w/s configurations of these various
machines, all identical Dell's from a few years ago, all running XP/Pro,
all running recent c32.