Currently my DHCP service runs on a NW 5.1 SP7 server. I plan to move the
service to a Netware 6.5 SP5 server. I will create the NW 6.5 server as
DHCP server and assign it to same DHCP zone that's currently for the NW 5.1
server. I will then unload dhcpsrvr on the NW 5.1 server and load DHCPSRVR
on the NW 6.5 server. I assume current machine will use the IP adderss
assigned by the NW 5.1 server until the time expires and it would get the
IP from the NW 6.5 after that. However, will it keep the same IP address or
it will be a new query? Is all the information will still be stored on
eDir? Is there a log file that I should check on both servers?