I have Win2003 AD+Exchange 2003+NW 6

There is DNS server on the Win2003 DC and DNS server on the NW6.

The NW6 is the DHCP server, and the DNS server for the clients is the AD

All the files and printers are located on the NW6 server.

My problems are:

1) It takes almost 5 min to open Office documents.
2) I have problem with the NDPS manager, it cannot locate the server.
3) I have problem with IPP printing.
4) When I try to add another printer to the NDPS manager I cannot add new

Any idea?

What is the best way to Win2003 dns and NW6 dns working togther?
Is it ok that the nw6 is the DHCP server?

I checked all the cables, switches everything is ok.
In the Win2003 area everyting is ok, the logon to the win 2003 the exchange.