Our DNS/DHCP server ( is Netware 6.5 sp 5a. We currently have only
local IPs ( subnet) in our DNS.
Using DHCP we set our workstations to use as the primary DNS, and as the secondary DNS.

The problem was that if we set the primary DNS as, some of our
WinXP sp2 workstations will fail to use the second DNS (and fail to resolve
external IPs) . If we reverse the order, and use as our primary
DNS server, some of the workstations will fail to find internal IPs (since is our secondary DNS).

So we tried using DNS/DHCP management utility to set a single DHCP DNS of and a "Forwarding List" entry of (restarted the
server). It still failed to resolve external addresses (so I assume it
failed to forward unresolved queries to

Obviously I'm doing something wrong with the forwarding. Any suggestions?