Hi all,

we are running a Netmail 3.52 system on a SLES server. We are hosting
customers to which we provide "virtual" mailservers via our Netmail system.
So Netmail has about 75 domains configured.

For each of these our public nameserver (which runs on netware) has a PTR
record entry defined.

Most of the time all is fine, but some providers won't accept any mails
our hosted customers because of a reverse DNS failure, here's the
of a typical error message:

" The mail system encountered a delivery failure, code -1.
This failure could be due to circumstances out of its control,
please check the transcript for details
----- Transcript of session follows -----
No reverse dns entry for your IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. We only accept mails from
IPs with valid reverse dns entries"

The reverse DNS entry for the customers domain IS configured. I understand
this as a problem with the netmail server not answering with the correct
PTR, but a random one.

How can I configure netmail or our DNS server, so that our customers are
to reach even the recipients of this system? Is it possible to define which
PTR is delivered by the server, or to define that the server answers to the
query with the same PTR it uses when it sends the mail in the first place?

Thanx for any info!

cu, Marco