This just started yesterday afternoon, and so far has only turned up twice

DHCP runs on clustered servers. By default it runs on, if that
server goes down, the clustered server at will pick up the
service and run with it.

Those same two servers happen to be the DNS servers. DHCP has been
configured to give out the DNS server addresses.

For some reason in the middle of the day my workstation suddenly can't get
to the internet (but everyone else can) and when I look at ipconfig /all,
my DNS server is set to (go figure...there's no server on my
network by that number). If I do a release and renew, I get the 2 correct
servers back for DNS and, and I can go on about my
business. In both cases the DHCP server was's not like the
service failed over at some point...

Netware 6.5 sp4a on servers, going to sp5 this weekend. Workstation is