Installed NW65sp5 + NW65os5a (was at nw65sp4a), everything loads fine
except NAMED. DNS was working fine prior to upgrade. NAMED.NLM on
server after the upgrade is Version 6.04.15 Monday, December 05, 2005.
Here is what I get on the console as it's trying to load:

Starting eDirectory Integrated Novell DNS Server
Warning: You have chosen a high value of debugging for DNS server. If
you are running server in a live environment with good load, it will
have serious impact on DNS server functionality and performance.

info: Checking the path sys:etc\dns. Dir sys:etc exists
info: Checking the path sys:etc\dns. Dir sys:etc\dns exists
info: Changing directory to sys:etc\dns succeeded
info: using 1 CPU
info: Log-in to eDirectory
debug 1: Volume is not a cluster resource
error: Zone 'ZONE NAME': Designated server is not available
debug 1: Load_configuration: failure
critical: loading configuration: failure
critical: exiting (due to fatal error)
info: shutting down
DNS server is unloaded successfully
notice: exiting
DNS server exiting

This is not a server in a cluster. I am using the NAMED -DL 3 -S in the
autoexec.ncf to load NAMED. This is our primary DNS and any assistance
to get NAMED back up and running quickly would be helpful!