- Current Internal and External DNS on a Unix Machine. This machine
will stay in place.

- Netware is acting DHCP Server(s)

- Need to impliment Dynamic DNS for Internal lookups (Backup's etc)

- Internal Network is using Class B addressing (ie: 160.100.x.x)

- Internal Network is VLAN'd as well (160.100.140.x/23 and
160.100.144.x/23 and so on)

- Current main domain is

- Proposed Dynamic DNS Domain proposal is

- I created a DNS Server on the same server that is servicing ALL of of
DHCP scopes/subnets

- I created a primary zone called

- I created a primary IN-ADDR.ARPA Zone using 160.100.IN-ADDR.ARPA

- I set one of my subnets to update this zone.

- Loaded NAMED.NLM and RELOAD DHCPSRVR.NLM and both loaded OK

- DHCP addresses are being handed out yet there is no updating in the
DNS zone.

I thought this was all that was needed but I'm obviously overlooking at
least 1 thing....maybe more.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.