Have a question about DNS management

Have four domain-names;
the first is my primary domain and was first set up.
The second was set up after that.

My first and second domains www-site are hosted by the same operator.
The third and fourth names are hosted as domain-pointers that is
pointed to my second domain-name.

Outside my LAN they work as should, but on my own LAN they don't (the
third and fourth)

I have my own DNS server set up pointing a www-entry to a certain IP
adress on the outside (hosting my web-site). It works for the first 2
names but the domain-pointer names don't work.

How can I find a solution for it?
Where should I start looking?

What additional info can I provide you with?

NW 6.5sp3
DNS-DHCP managing console (ver. 6.5sp3)



Dominicus B
Southern Finland
Novell Newbe