I'd gathered that DNS on NW6.5 is unable to perform conditional or zone
forwarding i.e. you can set different forwarding servers for individual
zones - which is something we very much want to do.
But TID 10095380 "Resolution to child sub zones fails when forwarders are
configured on the DNS server" tells you how to remove zone forwarding.

In particular it says:

"In NW 6.5 forwarding can be configured at the zone level which overwrites
the server level configuration, i.e. different forwarders can be specified
for different zones."

The tid tells you how to remove forwarding servers for the zone "in order to
use glue records and forwarders at the server level". Apparently you can
create a 'DNIP:Fwd List' attribute in the Other box of the zone object in
C1, and presumably add forwarding server addresses to it.

Can anyone confirm that zone specific forwarding can be configured in this


Steve Law