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We are trying to utilize the DHCP '87' nds context option to push out a server's new context to the PCs after an OU move. We've tried using these options in the past and they haven't worked, but I want to figure out what we're doing wrong and get the options to work.

We have a test network setup to test an OU move. It is made up of 4 Netware 6.5 SP5 servers - 2 test servers and 2 replica servers, and one XP SP2 client. The test network is setup in a separate NDS Tree from our Production Tree. One of the servers runs DHCP for the subnet. The production network uses SLPv2 and these 2 servers are set to point to the production DA servers, as well as the headquarters DNS servers - the slp and dns services are working on the test network.

The OU move test went smoothly. I moved the OU and then changed the DHCP Server's option 87 context, reloaded DHCPSRVR and rebooted the PC. The old context was still in the login screen and in the test client's Novell Client properties Client tab. I was thinking the nds context option should have been grabbed by the PC via DHCP after the option change and dhcp/pc reboots, but I'm obviously doing something wrong. This is where we gave up a couple of years ago, but I want to get this working.

I have attached 2 files for setup review. The SLP Issue attachment is the client's slpinfo /all output after the DHCP context change and PC reboot.

The NW Server DHCP.doc output is from the Novell DHCP Server's Remote Manager SLP info screen.

The DHCP Management Console settings are:

Global Preferences which are set:

Directory Agent - 78
Service Scope - 79
NDS Tree Name - 86

Each Subnet's defined DHCP Options are:

Domain Name Server
Directory Agent
Service Scope
NDS Servers
NDS Tree Name
NDS Context

The XP SP2, Novell 4.91 SP2 client's protocol components are:

Host File

The Client's Advanced Settings 'SLP Active Discovery' is set to ON. Maybe that's causing the problem? Each Center is on a separate subnet over MPLS links. I'm in the middle of creating Secondary SLP scopes to see if that solves the inability to locally login when the WAN link goes down, but that's a different project :-).

Another side question - which takes precedence - the DHCP Global preferences or the individual subnet DHCP settings in the DHCP Mgmt Console?

Any suggestions of where to look to see where the setup is incorrect, causing the PCs to ignore DHCP Mgmt Console option changes would be appreciated.

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