Do I need to include an entry for this? We have a tree with one OU
and 3 OU's that represent WAN links.

I have 3 DHCP servers (1 per site) and I'm not sure if I should add
that...I have it there already but I'm not sure if it's causing
problems on my network from a login standpoint.

For instance...


Each DHCP server at each site specifies, and respectively.

Since the users exist at different containers underneath "site1"
"site2" and "site3" I'm not sure if this is the preferred method.

Basically I have option 87 enabled on every DHCP server and it lists
"" in that format (depending on the site)

Is this a bad practice? Should I just leave 87 out because there are
different sub-containers where users exist? Not all users exist in
the same containers, but I figured if I specified the top-most
container that they could start searching from, it would be a good
idea... Any feedback on this? Thanks!