Last week I migrated our internal DHCP server from ISC dhcpd running on Linux
to Netware (running the DHCPSRVR.NLM on NW65SP5). Since then a weird problem
has appeared. So far it's only happening to one workstation so I'm not at all
sure that this is related to migrating the DHCP service, but the coincidence
in timing is at least suspicious.

Under Global Preferences of our DHCP server, I have specified two DNS servers
(option 6) with addresses and When the workstation (laptop)
connects to the network, it gets all the information (IP address, gateway and DNS
servers) via DHCP successfully. But after some time the user complains that web browsing
doesn't work. Checking ipconfig /all I see that there are no DNS servers defined, but IP
address and gateway are correct. Run ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew manually and
everything is OK again for some time.

There is nothing related in Windows event log. Since I couldn't think of anything else
to do, I upgraded the NIC driver (Broadcom 57xx) to latest version, but I'm not at
all sure it helps.

I thought (after returning from the workstation) that maybe there is another "rogue dhcp server"
on our network, but I don't think this is the case since I have defined manual ip address for
this workstation, so it shouldn't even try to renew it's address in the middle of the working
day, right?

Has anyone else encountered anything like this?