We have two nearly identical Netware 65/SP5+patches servers. We backup
everything except SYS from one to the other overnight. I am working on
several "doomsday" scenarios, and one of them is that the production server
goes down, and its twin, which is backed-up to every night, performs all the
normal functions.

So far, most things work but I'm having issues with DHCP services.
Strangely, I found that if I took down the production server, which is also
the DHCP server, and restarted my workstation, it still got/retained its old
DHCP-supplied address. But if I did IPCONFIG /release, IPCONFIG /renew, it
couldn't obtain an address, even though I had loaded DHCPSRVR on the
was-backup-now-production server after taking down the real production

I have had, in the past, DHCPSRVR running on only the backup box, and when I
go into the mgmt console, I see both, with an X through the backup server
entry. When I down the main server and start up DHCPSRVR on the backup,
then I see what I expect, an X through the production server entry and the
backup on running.

If, in the mgmt console, I click on the DHCP Service tab, I see, under Our
Network, my private network as 192.168.x.0 (LAN), and I see the production
server as the default dhcp server.

Under 192.168.x.0(LAN), I have three entries

192.168.x.50 - 192.168.x.149 (that's my DHCP range for workstations)

How do I get the backup DHCP server actually working, besides the obvious
LOAD DHCPSRVR on the server console? Obviously I need to do something
more/different than I'm doing now.

Thanks very much in advance.