Our NW5.1 SP8 svr was rebooted first thing this morning (scheduled) - after
a few minutes of coming back up the server Froze and became totally

The server was rebooted again with the apps in the Autoexec.ncf remmed out
- (Gwise, Backup Exec, DHCP) the server came up fine, after leaving the
server to run like this for a short period of time we then loaded DHCP,
within a few mins of doing this the server Froze again.

The server was restarted (apps remmed still) - this time after a short wait
they loaded gwise on the server and left it running - Users were able to
connect to the server and work normally for an Hour or so before late
arrivals (users) started complaining they could not get onto the network
etc - no IP address
We then loaded DHCP again - and again within a minute or so the server
Froze andd needed to be restarted.

We can see no errors/abends The server is fine and users are able to work
as long as DHCP is not loaded.