Get this:

Server named ap_server has a static IP address. it is

yet, ap_server has two IP's listed in DNS. One is in the DHCP range.
Looking at the DHCP server confirms that this IP came from the same MAC
address as the ap_server, which means for some reason that server pulled
a DHCP address.

I have gone into both DNS and DHCP and deleted the references to the
DHCP-based address. I reloaded DNS and DHCP. Have done a named -pc, -pa,
-fargyou (to make myself feel better).

I have done a ipconfig /flushdns - yet, when doing a nslookup - both IP
addresses still show up.

Needless to say this is wreaking havoc with name resolution for an

- I don't understand how ap_server managed to get two records.

- I don't understand why the second one hasn't gone away.


Jon Johnston
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