Netware 6.0, dhcpsrvr 3.13.03
I am changing my VLAN structure from segment to segment
I built the new 172 zone in DNS DHCP, Associated the address space, and
changed the primary IP address on the router to (I kept as the secondary IP address on the router.) Both of these
segments are running over VLAN1.

At first, having done this, I started getting BootP DHCP (evidenced
through zenworks PXE start) addresses in the 172 range and then the
computer (2k,XP) would get a 192.168 address when windows started up.
(On the linux terminals, no address was acquired through DHCP.. The
interface showed as down. They don't use pxe.)

I then made an address pool object in edir and pooled the 172 and the
192 address spaces. Everything starts talking, but the addresses are
all given out in the 192. address space (both pxe and DHCP).
I need to test the 172 address space and get things moved.
1 - How do I get DHCP to give out the 172 address space (Or how do I get
the PCs to accept the 172 addresses)?
2 - Is there a quick, non-destructive way to disable the 192 offers in
DNS-DHCP for a period so that I can have it give out the 172 space so I
can test?
3 - Since I will still have DNS running, will any changes I make in DHCP
(and restarting the dhcp server) affect the current running and data
table for DNS? (It is a live system.)