I need some help to advise a customer on the procedure to setup option
43 for Ericsson IP phones.

I am familiar with the string that goes on a Windows server but the
customers Novell server requires a Key and a Data field.
Has anyone any experience on this issue. I'm a voice engineer with
limited knowledge in this area.

This is what i would usually enter on a MS server...
11:45:72:69:63:73:73:6f:6e:20:49:50:2d:50:68:6f:6e :65:01:0d:31:32:38:2e:31:30:30:2e:32:30

The following is the full correct hex string as would be sent in the
DHCP offer on a MS server...
2b:26:11:45:72:69:63:73:73:6f:6e:20:49:50:2d:50:68 :6f:6e:65:01:0d:31:32:38:2e:31:30:30:2e

This breaks down as....

2b:26 (decimal 43:38, 43 is the option and 38 is the option length)
11: (decimal 17, length of the "Vendor Class Identifier")
45:72:69:63:73:73:6f:6e:20:49:50:2d:50:68:6f:6e:65 : (ascii "Ericsson
IP-Phone", the vendor class identifier)
01:0d: (tag 1, length 13)
31:32:38:2e:31:30:30:2e:32:30:34:2e:38: ( - sw server ip)
05:03: (tag 5, length 3)
39:31:31 (911 - vlan)

Does anyone know what part would be considered the Key, and where the
Data part would start?

Any advice much appreciated.