Hi all:

Our firm runs on one NSBS 6.5 file server with BM 3.8 and GW 6.5. There are
two network cards in the server. One network card is connected to a 24 port
hub. The other network card connects to a DSL router. The NSBS file server
uses DHCP to assign dynamic IP addresses' to the users.

I upgraded to a new wireless router and turned on the router's DHCP server.
After a week, this brought down the entire office. Users began to complain
our main application was running way to slow. Then, after a server reboot,
all users no longer were able to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server
on the NSBS file server.

I turned off the DHCP server on the router and things returned to normal.

The DHCP servers were on different IP segments. Why the conflict? Also, is
there a remedy?

Thanks for any assistance.