Hi, I have an user who has a weird problem.
the server housing his homedirectory failed.
After that when the user would log onto any computer for the first time.
he will get tree or server not found.
this is on any pc that just moments before another user could logon
successully. If I try another account with the the same rights, it logons
it's like when the network see his user account, it won't grant the ip
already assign to that pcs mac address.

Also, something similar had happened before when the dhcp server that gave
him his ip went down and came up again. he wasn't getting his ip, so we
assigned him a new one. he also had problems saving to his home directory.
reimaging the pc didnt help.

we thought it was the pc and cabling, but that has since been replaced.

The client is novell client for windows and we use
identity vault.

Any ideas?