I have read through TID 10093063 regarding Novell NDS and AD. We are
running NW 6.5. I am very new to AD and domains and we are switching
from GW to Exchange/Outlook, which requires some changes on our
workstations. The AD domain has been set up with the DNS.
1. On the Novell side, I load DNS/DHCP Mgmt, go to DNS and add in a new
Zone for the AD DNS. Zone Domain Name is the name on AD (it does
contain the correct format with the "dot").
2. I assume this should be a secondard domain and I put the ip address
of the AD DNS domain controller.
3. Assign Authoritative DNS Server - anything required here?
4. Name Server Host Name - this is just the name of the MS server

On the client side, I have to change the options in both places listed
in the TID, and on every workstation? I guess there is not way to
automate this?

Any help is appreciated.