1. We run Novell DNS on 4 NW 6.5.5 boxes. Periodically one will stop
delivering addresses but not stop responding totally so the lookup fails
(response to NSLookup is the same as if a non-existant host was requested).
We unload and re-load named once a week on each server (one a day) to
reduce the problem this causes but we still sometimes see it. Is this a
known issue? Is there a better workaround than scheduled unload and re-load
of named.nlm?

2. This week DNS1 re-loaded Named at 23:50 on Monday, DNS2 reloaded on
Tuesday but was unable to resolve a number of hosts after the reload. On
Wednesday we noticed that a large number of hosts had dissappeared from
eDirectory (seen in DNSDHCP coonsole and in ConsoleOne)- a zone export on
Monday resulted in a 181Kb file, another export on Wednesday was only 41Kb
so it seems that 75% of entries had disappeared between 23:50 Monday and
23:50 Tuesday. Any ideas what might have caused the loss or what we can do
to reduce the risk of it happening again.