We have Novell BorderManager server, two other Netware servers, and
Windows server. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up DNS in
NDS and for the domain so that everyone can login quickly and reliably -
I may have that done already but I'm not sure, and sometimes, but not
always, logins take forever, typically on a reboot of a machine but not
on a relogin.

The Netware servers all are NW 65 SP5 UPD1, BM is 3.8 SP4 IR3, and the
MS box is Windows Small Business Server 2003, Premium.

The potential "gotcha" is that, while I want the domain users to be able
to login quickly and reliably, only about half our users login to the
domain at all, and the other have absolutely no domain rights - they
don't even exist as users, and they do a local workstation login.
Everyone run C32 4.91, beta SP3 and probably release version SP3 if it
turns out there are any difference, and everyone logs in to Netware.

Netware is our DHCP server and DNS gets pushed out that way, and if it
matters, we run a couple of static DA's.

Bottom line - everything works now 98% of the time - when it doesn't, we
can't find the BM server on reboot but can after a re-login after a few
minutes - but I want to know if I can make it work better.