I have a NW 6.5 SP5 server running running named v6.04.15 & DHCPSRVR
v3.13.08 and I use dynamic DNS registration.

I have 2 SLES v9 SP3 server that use static IP address so I added the name
record using the DNCPDNS snap-in. Initially the SLES machines were setup to
use DHCP so I have to delete the related name record assigned by DHCP and
then created the name record using static IP. It worked for 2 days and then
the DNS record for one of the machine was reversed back to the DHCP IP
address. I assume it was triggered by the user so I fixed the name record
again. However, now the 2 name records for the SLES machines has no IP
address assigned to it. I have fixed it again.

However, I am wondering why the name record is changed by itself. This time
I am sure the user has not done anything to trigger the name record change.

Could someone suggest the troubleshooting steps? Should I unload dhcpsrvr &
named modules and reload dhcpsrvr then named?