Hello there,

I have been having this big problem with running Sophos Antivirus and DNS at the same time. I have been on the phone with Sophos more times that I care to say, only for them to tell me that Novell will not help them figure out the problem.

If I have Sophos running in active mode, and have EVERY volume, directory, file excluded from being scanned, DNS doesn't really run correctly and gets corrupted.

I have seen the tid that says to start DNS first and then start SWEEP after it. It doesn't work. The only thing it does is get rid of the error messages. DNS gets corrupted, Dynamic DNS is never updated and eventually DNS stops working all together. A real problem for us because our iPrint printers use DNS! Many of our printers are on mobile carts and travel from one vlan to another.

Does anyone else have any info on how to get DNS and Sophos to play nicely together? Netware OES 6.5 sp5 and sp6 with the latests Sophos AV engine. We are locked into a 4 year contract :( They promised the moon but gave us cheese!


Tom Hafemann