My Nortel Wireless Access points (AP) grab IP addresses from my NetWare 6.5
based DHCP server. All is well and good. However, I also need to send a
series of IP addresses to the AP's using code 127 so that they know the
addresses of the security servers they must communicate with. I don;t want
this list of IP addresses sent to laptops, etc, just the AP's.

Nortel provided great instructions, with screen prints, to do this in
Windows, which of course, does me no good. In Windows, they create a
"vendor class" that contains the vendors string "Airespace.AP1200" that
the AP's include in their DHCP DISCOVER messages, then to that "class" they
associate the code 127 with a list of IP addresses.

Anybody have any idea how to do this using NetWare 6.5's DHCP? The NW docs
refer to vendor strings and I can setup up a code 127 but have no idea how
to limit it to only my "Airespace.AP1200"'s.

Thanks in advance