New not-quite-trained tech here trying to set up a SBS 6.5 server.
Everything sets up fine through iManager except for DNS. Being a
non-trained tech, I'm not sure exactly how to set up DNS for our install.
Here's what I've got so far:

Setting up in a lab environment first, so no internet connectivity until I
get the BM box up and go live. Want to use most web features like iPrint,
VO, NetStorage, etc, so I believe DNS is needed.

- Installed NSBS 6.5 SP5 from overlay ISOs onto new hardware. Installed all
post-SP5 patches.
- Created DHCP server in iManager 2.5 from client workstation.
- DNS wouldn't install from iManager, so loaded DNS/DHCP Console on
- Created a Zone named "" and created a server called
DNS_FILESERVER. Made this server the Authoritative Server for the Zone.
- Created an A record for www and fileserver at our domain. The NS record
for "@" was created automatically when the Zone was created, I think.
- Created an MX record since the box will host GroupWise. GWIA will be
installed on the BM box with a separate MTA.
- Created an in-addr arpa zone for, with
DNS_FILESERVER the Authoritative Server for the Zone.
- Load Named.nlm, all looks good, but not sure if its right or how to set
up forwarding requests to our external DNS servers at our ISP.

The NSBS docs don't really explain much in DNS areas, and I haven't been
able to find much in the knowledgebase either. If anyone has a sample DNS
Database export they'd be willing to let me look at, or other advice, it
would be greatly appreciated.