I have one NW 6.5 SP5 that runs dhcpsrvr & named for the domain.com. Used
DHCP and dynamic DNS update. Also have a Netware 5.1 SP7 named server that
hosts domain.com. DHCP will assign the NW 5.1 server as the primary DNS server.

We see a few incidents that a new machine is connected to the network for
an IP address, it might not update the DNS record for this new RR. Uses
have to release/renew and sometimes have to reboot the machine to have it
update the RR record.

Did not see the issue when the DHCP was on the Netware 5.1 server that is
the primary DNS server.

I thought when the DNS server respond, it will get the update from
eDirectory so should not be an issue if it is on different servers.

Any idea?

NW Admin