We currently run client 491 SP2 and have started looking at DHCP versus
static ip addressing. In my DNS/DHCP admin tool I can only add a list of IP
addresses for DHCP Option 85. So when the client grabs the address it
works, but I want it to contain the server NAME, not the IP Address in the
field. On the novell client I have enabled Binary mode and enabled Use
Server in the DHCP Tab. This is the only way to get it to work for me. But
it looks as though there isn't a way for me, on the server side, to allow
me to input the SERVER NAME intead of IP addresse. I can delete the 85
option, but when I go to recreate it, it will only allow me to create a
type that specifies a list of ip address. I really do not want to use my
Windows 2000 servers to offer DHCP, but I think in 2000 I can actually
create the proper 85 id that will pass ASCII, and would probably work by
disabling the Binary mode on the client.

Is it possible for me to populate the Novell Login prompt with the Server
Name instead of the IP when using Netware DHCP on a Netware 6.0 SP5 server?
This is for travelling users which is why I want to see the server name
from the current site they are at.