I am running 2 novell SBS 6.0 servers behind a Border manager server
connected to the Internet with a Dual WAN router with 2 separate ISP's.
We have and internal domain name different than our internet domain
name. I have placed the external DNS IP addresses in the dual wan router.

Question #1:
In the DHCP global settings do I need to input the external DNS server IP
addresses in order for the workstations to get the internet quicker?

Question #2:
In each of the servers I have the DNS under inetcfg pointing towards the
DNS server internally and towards the dual wan router. I this correct?

Question #3:
Because I have dual wan router with 2 separate ISP's can I have the
primary ISP, who will host our external domain record, point our domain
name two different IP addresses?

The reason I am asking this is becuase I can't get the router to balance
the load correctly and also that I am completly confused about how to
setup DNS routing.

So confused,