We have our internet sites hosted externally but they use the same domain. Internally we are xyz.com and when you go to www.xyz.com it takes you to our web site. For some reason when I installed the Novell DNS it doesnt like that (works fine on the MS DNS server though). Internally nobody was able to get to www.xyz.com or admin.xyz.com. I think this was because the server thought it was internal rather than external. Not a big deal I just created A records for all of the web sites and then everything worked fine.

Now I am adding a new website so I added abc.xyz.com and it doesnt resolve. I have 2 DNS servers. One is a 6.5.6 NW server. The other is a MS 2003. I am able to ping it fine from the MS server but cant ping the address from the Novell server. If I change my primary DNS server to the MS server it works fine but if my primary is the novell server I get nothing.

I have unloaded named and reloaded it. I even rebooted the server and still will not resolve this name. In the console it looks exactly like admin.xyz.com and abc.xyz.com look identical. They even point to the same IP since its redirected once it reaches the web site.

Any ideas? Any logs to see why its not resolving this new one?