I currently have DNS proxy running on my BM server. I have a four-server
environment. One "production", one "backup production", one BorderManager,
one backup BM that keeps a VPN running even when it is not the BM server.

I would like to add NAMED to at least my production server.

Can I, as I have two DA's running, one each on the production and backup
production servers, run NAMED on both my production and backup production
servers? I would like to have as many things be automatic when we switch
from the production to the backup server as possible, e.g., I already have
created a DHCP server on my backup server but I only run it on the main
machine. Switching is merely a matter of loading the NLM on the backup
server when and if we need.

Do I first Create a DNS server(s) in the DNSDHCP mgmt console?

Do I create it under All Zones, RootServerInfo, or elsewhere?

Ah, so many questions ... :)

Thanks in advance.