recent growth in the number of employees at our "medium" sized company,
as well as the proliferation of ip devices, is putting a strain on the
number of ip addresses available on our 192.168.1.x address scheme.
we're on a single logical segment (collapsed backbone switching
scheme)...I'd rather not have to add routers to the mix. should I just
bite the bullet and switch to 10.x.x.x, "the hard way"? It would be a
bit of a project to have to go around to all the servers and switches
and printers, and all the various and sundry ip devices with fixed
addresses...not to mention the bordermanager firewall and all the
manually configured packet filter exceptions, etc...

plus, we're already using 10.x.x.x. for an iscsi san...each of the 8
servers has a second card on this lan segment, connected via gig switch
to the iscsi was set up w/ 10.x.x.x because it was

would it be possible to just change the subnet mask to expand the lan?
Or would that cause just as many problems?

hard to believe that 254 addresses isn't enough for 150 people. but it