I am receiving decline packets and no corresponding requests or any
other activity in my log files. (NW6.0sp5)If I look in the DHCP
management tool and check the address, it shows last used at the same
time as the decline packet, but nothing shows up in my log file. I am
serving addresses to several different segments from my DNS server and
the messages seem to come from all of the segments.

We have about 2000 student laptops which go from one segment to another
and most often the address sending the decline packet is associated with
a laptop, unfortunately, I can't identify which laptops are generating
the messages as the computer names are not unique. Ironically, if I try
to ping the address as soon as I see the decline packet, I usually do
not get a reply, so it is not being used or at least doesn't reply.
This is not ironclad as I can sometimes ping the address successfully.

One other bit of info, if I get the message that couln't ping the
address or received a decline packet, then it does show up in my log
file, but usually the only message I see is on the console and says
"received a Decline packet for xx.xx.xx.xx"