Currently, I have only one all-purpose server (NW 6.5.6). I have a secondary
IP address on that server. The only service using that IP address is the DNS
server. I want to add a second server and have it run DNS and my web-based
services. What i would like to do is switch the Authoritative Server to use
the default IP of my existing server and remove the secondary IP address
from it. Then build the new server using the IP address removed from the
current server. Lastly install DNS on this new server and have it become the
primary name server, while my current server will be come a secondary or do
they both remain primaries since they the info is actually stored in
eDirectory? I thought I had it, but shortly after I removed the secondary Ip
address, some logged in users lost their drive mappings, outgoing email
stopped, logins took 5 minutes or more and queue-based printing ceased to
function, so I must have missed something. After re-adding the secondary and
restarting most of the services, everything was back to normal. How do i go
about making this switch or is there a better way of doing this?