I have my primary zone correct. Whaen i use nslookup i can find my server's
ip addressses when i type in their correct name. When i type in their ip's
it tells me non-existent domain. So i beleive my problem is in addr arpa.
So when i create the in-addr-arpa zone it asks me for network address. i
put in 84.10 and leave the other 2 boxes empty. My network addresses start
with 10.84. My servers are 10.84.60.x and workstaions are 10.84.50.x. I use
30 for switchs 20 for printers..etc. I do make it authoritative server.

Is the zone correct the way i am typing it?
After that i am suppose to and a domain ptr record.
When i create a ptr record it asks for owner. Is that my dns server? is
that the name or ip?
then it asks for host name. domain name.
is that the dns server name or ip?