I am using Netware DNS/DHCP server ver 3.13.04 on Netware 6.5 oes. I
have been using this for over 3 years without a problem. All of a
sudden my user (Win xp/2000 w/ netware client 4.91sp2) are getting the
wrong ip address for our dns server. I have the workstations set up to
get all info from the dhcp server. The odd thing is that the
workstation's ip address, network mask, and gateway is all correct.
But for some reason the DNS server has become The dhcp
server should be (that is what the dhcp server gives out). I
cannot figure out what is going on. If I go to the workstation and
issue the (ipconfig /release) and then the (ipconfig /renew) the right
ip address appears for the DNS server.

Any idea what might cause this?