I'm running 4 Netware 6.5 OES Servers w/ SP5 - 80% of my computers are
getting their TCP/IP info from DHCP.

The DHCP setting give the computer their IP and DNS server IP address.
The DNS Server assigned by DHCP is my Bordermanager server - this is done
so that the computers can resolved Internet DNS.

I am having a problem getting my workstations (DHCP & Manual) to resolve
internal DNS names (namely "zenwsimport"). My DHCP server is different
than my Bordermanager server (BM =, DHCP =
I'm running my internal DNS off of the DHCP server (which I think is the
only way).

I'm wondering if my problem with resolving internal DNS is because the
DHCP server is telling the workstation to look for DNS at .1 (the BM

However, the 20% of machines that I have set the IP manually - if I set
their DNS to my DHCP/DNS server first, then the BM server, they still
cannot resolve the interal DNS.

I am assuming that if all is working correctly, I should be able to ping
my DNS names from the command prompt and get a response.

I know this may not make the most sense, but any help that anyone can give
would be appreciated.


Jeff Stone.