I have just set up Novell 6.5 and experiencing DNS issues which in turn
slows the whole network down.

I have created a Zone which is my domain name and manually added the two
NW servers. I have configured DHCP to push out the relevant IPs and this
works well.

I have added my DNS suffix and ticked 'register this connection' in the
tcp/ip properties of the workstaion NIC. As I understand it, this should
then register itself with the DNS server. This is not working for me. I
have also made sure that the primary DNS suffix is my domain name on the

If I add the workstation manually all is well.

Also, when I type zwsreg I get an error 2 so I have to use zwsreg -
importserver IP. I believe this is all part of the same problem.

Could somebody please help me troub-shoot this problem.

Thanks in advance,