Greetings everyone,

When DHCP starts on one of my servers I get the following:
ERROR: "Lacking Version, SubnetAddressRangeAttr or pData from Server"
ERROR: "No LAN based IP address assignment is possible."

This box is a netware 6.5 box with service pack 5.


There are 3 other DHCP/DNS in other sites that have no problems with
starting DHCP. The other servers are all Netware 5.1 w/ SP8

Question #1 = Is the best way to resolve this by following TID 10060274 or

Question#2 - 10060274 seems to indicate to export dns/dhcp; however,
indicates cannot be for servers with netware 6.5.

Question#3 - When you delete the server object,as recommended by TID
10052501, do you loose any dns/dhcp entries.

Question #4 - Is my environment with a mix of netware 5.1 w/ sp8 and netware
6.5 synching DNS/DHCP ok?

Question #5 - Any other direction or pointers to clear documentation would
be much appreciated.

Thank you so much!