Using NW 6.5 SP6

This is replacing an existing DHCP server running on Win2000.
Network/tree is set up like this:


- 1.0 network gets DHCP from different DHCP (AS/400)
- Have installed NW DHCP objects into CONTEXT2
- each context has it's own server
- Want to serve out 2.0 addresses to users in CONTEXT2 (using server2)

Set up DHCP in test environment (single server/network) and that worked

In production, no PCs are getting addresses. (I've shut off MS server)

Any way to troubleshoot?

Any ideas what may be wrong?

We use SLP and server1 (CONTEXT1) is the DA. Anything to do with it?

Any helpful docs/manuals out there? The NW DHCP manual is pretty basic.

tia - Jeff