I have novell 6.5sp6.
My dns works.. but perhaps I can improve.
I have only an internal dns for resolving my server.

From management utility I have create the zones : dom1.com and 10.1.
These are into authoritative DNS-server, while rootserverinfo is a member
of "available dns server".

Then I have selected my dns-server and into forwarding list I have added
the ip-address of my server that is into a DMZ.

The server of DMZ has only a zone dom2.com and there is authoritative DNS-
server . Then into forwarding list I have the ip-address of dns of my

I have read that is better to set "allow recursion" disable that
is "none", my case I think , I could set this option only into my server-
dmz .
is it correct?

please can someone explain me better how to set this option?
And please how does it work?

thanks for all