NW 6.5 sp5 with DNS and DHCP, client Windows 2000 sp4.

DHCP delivers two DNS servers to the clients, both local and sitting on
the Netware servers. This is verified with IPCONFIG on windows.

The DNS servers are configured to forward to two DNS servers at our ISP
(forward is set to first under advanced and two DNS server IP addresses
are entered in the forward list).


recently our ISP took one of their DNS servers down. This server was
the first one listed in the forwarding table of our DNS servers. Users
got intermittent DNS lookup success. When the downed ISP DNS server was
deleted from the forward table, everything was fine.

This is something that I can't test, because the ISP takes down their
DNS servers only for service at their discretion. Although, I suppose a
a dummy IP address could do the same thing if needed.


Shouldn't Netware's DNS server look to the second DNS server if the
first one is off line. If that server does not resolve the name,
shouldn't the DNS server then go to the domain root server to resolve
the name?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,