Looking on new threads I seem to be one of a new group finding themselves
having to provide Option 43 to a VOIP phone system.

We had some success in that the Mitel phone system accepted a string in
Option 125 similar to the one below.
However, since a firmware upgrade the phone system does not support option
125, but needs option 43 as a string:

id:ipphone.mitel.com;sw_tftp=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;call_ srv=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;vlan=12;l2p=5;dscp=46

Has anyone a) succeeded in such a task, and b) recorded a consise plan of
how to modify option 43?????

Windows dhcp is'nt much of an option, as we also require the dhcp server to
dynamically update a Novell 6.5 dns server.
I say this as I don't hold much hope for a Windows based dhcp to dynamically
update a Novell dns.

Many thanks
Stephen Driscoll cNe